“Me and my writing partner were so impressed we decided to do a 1 on 1 lesson with Jimmy so we could incorporate a little magic into an upcoming show we’re doing. Jimmy’s teaching style, not surprising after seeing his acts, is one of great patience, humor and encouragement! He’s such a generous guy and really went the extra mile with us. It’s impossible not to find his passion and excitement for the craft contagious. I would highly recommend Jimmy in a heartbeat.” – Dan R.,  Client 

Want to include magic  or an illusion in your next project?   Jimmy  will work directly with you to make your vision a reality.

Jimmy H has over 24  years of experience in the field of  magic.  He has understanding of what goes into  making a magic illusion work. Whether it’s  a small feat at a card table, a grand illusion on stage, or just the right prop for  a film shoot, Jimmy has you covered. He’ll see you through from start to finish with his expansive knowledge base and a professionalism bar none.

(626) 209-9424