“Siri-ously?” The Original on CD-R


“Siri-ously?” The Original on CD-R



Imagine in the middle of the show your iPhones’ “Siri” begins to question if you would like to learn a magic trick. After some brief banter between the two of you, she begins to teach you the vanishing bandana trick. The confusion plot of a banana mistaken for a bandana has been around for many years but this version brings this time-tested routine up-to-date in a way that will capture an audience’s attention unlike any other version.
Includes Only Original  CD Version

CD Includes:

  • 16 tracks all in the Siri voice  including:
    • Different options for the “Siri-ously?” routine
    • Gag announcements
    • Card revelations
  • PDF Essay/ Script
  • Instructional Video



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